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Technicon Acoustics designs and manufactures high-performance noise control products for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Since 1980, we have offered our expertise in the science of sound with an intense focus on engineering innovation and customer satisfaction.  Our strong focus on Quality, Shipping Performance and Order Accuracy reduces your Total Cost of Ownership significantly, compared to many of our competitors.

Conception through Execution : ISO 17025 Accredited Lab

Our state-of-the-art ISO 17025 lab, equipped with hemi-anechoic and reverberation chambers, is capable of testing custom made composites and noise mitigation solutions for varieties of products. To review a full list of our ISO 17025 lab testing services, which have recently been improved to include ASTM E2611, ISO 2151, and ISO 9614-2 among others, click here. Technicon has over 29 years of acoustic and vibration experience in goverment, manufacturing and consulting sectors. 

Industry Innovators

At Technicon Acoustics, we understand the hindrance that unwanted noise can cause for heavy equipment operators, commercial and emergency vehicle drivers, industrial machine operators, and inevitably, anyone exposed to loud, modern technology, including medical equipment, power generators, air compressors and more. However, with our help, this noise can be dramatically reduced and controlled. The sound science experts at Technicon are constantly collaborating to identify the most effective soundproofing, sound absorption and noise reduction materials available, and how we can innovate them further into custom solutions for our customers.

Custom Sound Solutions

Offering free product samples, quotes, and minimal to no setup fees are just a few of the ways Technicon manages to remain an industry leader in noise reduction. After becoming a customer of ours, the quality of our product, as well as our shipping and order accuracy will reaffirm that our attention to detail reaches far beyond our material performance. See what customers are saying about our products and services, and contact us today for a free quote!



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Technicon Acoustics has increased ISO 17025 accredited acoustic tests to now include:

ASTM E2611
ISO 2151
ISO 9614-2
ISO 80601-2-69 sec
SAE J2883

Read more about the newly added capabilities of our accredited acoustic laboratory.

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Technicon will be closed July 4th - 8th in recognition of Independence day. Technicon’s last shipping day will be June 30th. All orders to be shipped on or before June 30 must be received no later than June 13th.

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Technicon adds new water jet and die press.

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