Why OEMs Prefer Our Exhaust Wrap Over Traditional Sleeves

Whether working with anything from exhaust systems to heavy industrial equipment, exhaust wraps serve as multipurpose insulating optionWhile a broad variety of thermal insulating blankets and covers remain on the market, they lack the versatility of Technicon’s Tech Shield Sleeve exhaust wrap.  

Critical to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) working within a broad range of industries, well-fitted exhaust insulation ensures optimal equipment operation. This diverse range of industries includes construction, agriculture, transportation, and automotive, and so the experts at Technicon understand the importance insulating options that can easily adjust to fit a wide variety of sizes and configurations. 

Exhaust Sleeve vs Exhaust Blanket Infographic

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Our Thermal Exhaust Wrap vs Traditional Sleeves 

Technicon’s Tech Shield Sleeve thermal exhaust pipe wrap provides a broad range of advantages over traditional sleeves. Our products prove particularly useful for unique OEM equipment with easy installation, superior heat resistance, lightweight materials, better fit, and enhanced user safety.   

Quick and Easy Installation 

Unlike traditional sleeves, our Tech Shield Sleeve thermal exhaust wrap comes easy to install and fitted to suit the shape of your pipe or conduit. Simply slip the wrap around the pipe and clamp the ends to secure the cover. While traditional sleeves demand particular positioning and must be secured with numerous fasteners, Tech Shield Sleeve is expected to be 25-30% faster to install at minimum, according to an internal study. 

Heat Resistance 

Traditional fiberglass insulation products can only withstand up to 600 °F, at which point they begin to clump and deteriorate. However, Tech Shield Sleeve exhaust insulation wrap performs ideally for operating temperatures up to 1500 °F. With high quality insulation able to withstand these extreme temperaturesexhaust products can then undergo intensive particulate filtration in order to meet emissions requirements. Additionally, our Tech Shield Sleeve exhibits exceptional temperature drop and consistently passes a rigorous internal gas temperature drop test conducted by a major Fortune 500 manufacturer of engines for automotive and heavy equipment. 


Up to 40% lighter than traditional sewn insulating wraps, Tech Shield Sleeve offers the same coverage and protection, but lightweight construction makes our product easier to install. These lighter properties make them ideal for use in weight-sensitive equipment in the automotive and aerospace industries, where even a small amount of added weight can significantly affect operational efficiency. 

Better Fit. Better Look. 

Designed to fit tightly, Tech Shield Sleeve prevents the intrusion of debris and dust that could compromise equipment performance. Unlike sewn wraps that must be stringently designed, our one-size design accommodates a broad range of pipe diameters while still maintaining a reliable fit. The adjustable design of our exhaust heat wrap allows us to offer fewer SKUs to fit a wider range of pipes and exhaust systems. This adaptability saves OEMs time and money otherwise spent on exhaustive prototyping and custom sewing for each product design. Furthermore, our sleek, fitted design also provides a more professional, highperformance aesthetic than traditional sewn heat wraps. 


Our Tech Shield Sleeve provides adequate coverage for any dangerously hot equipmentensuring the safety and health of equipment operators. Unlike more traditional fiberglass products, our superior design materials make Tech Shield Sleeve less irritating to the skin and eyes, and our fitted design and superior temperature drop ensures a more comfortable work area.  

Exhaust Wrap Applications 

OEM equipment often presents challenges with unusually shaped pipes, valves, and other components which require innovative insulation solutions. Nevertheless, Technicon’s knowledgeable experts can help you find the perfect heat wrap for your exhaust system. We specialize in the design and manufacture of thermal insulation wraps for numerous industries, including: 

Exhaust Wrap Solutions by Technicon Acoustics 

At Technicon Acoustics, we take pride in designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering acoustic and thermal insulating solutions for OEMs across the United States. Our dedicated team of engineers, manufacturing specialists, and administrators use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to produce the perfect insulating products for your needs. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations by delivering superior insulation solutions in a timely and cost-effective fashion.    

To learn more about ways that Technicon Acoustics can revolutionize your operation, contact us today or request a quote.  

The Best Noise Reduction Materials for Tractor, Excavator, and Bulldozer Cabs

Excessive noise can severely impact the health and well-being of operators of tractors, excavators, bulldozers, and other large and heavy industrial machines. In addition to serving as a source of stress and distraction in day-to-day activities, it can cause hearing loss and other ear-related conditions over time. One method of reducing the noise levels experienced by machine operators is integrating noise reduction material in and around the operator cab. Below we provide an overview of some of the best noise reduction materials to use in tractor, excavator, and bulldozer cabs.

bulldozer cab

Noise Reduction Materials for Headliners

The term “headliner” refers to the inner roofing component of the cab. If it is left uninsulated, noise passes relatively unobstructed into the operator cab. Adding a noise reduction material—such as perforated vinyl foam—on top of the headliner or between the headliner and outer shell results in less noise entering into and reverberating through the cab. We offer this material in various colors to suit different aesthetic tastes.

Acoustic and Thermal Treatments for Engine Compartments

Engine Compartment Bulldozer

The engine is the biggest contributor to the overall noise levels in an operator cab. The sounds produced are continuous and—when listened to regularly and/or for long periods of time—damaging to auditory health. For this reason, OEMs and end-users may integrate noise reduction materials, such as acoustic absorbers, into their engine compartments.

In addition to producing noise, the engine generates heat. If left unchecked, it can lead to uncomfortable conditions inside of the cab. For these situations, OEMs and end-users may add thermal insulation (e.g., TechShield) to their engine compartments. These materials ensure cab interiors remain at comfortable temperatures for operators.

Applications that require acoustic and thermal insulation may benefit from blended materials, such as PF-091. These specialized materials offer both sound absorption and thermal shielding properties.

Acoustic Floor Mat Treatments


During industrial machinery operations, sounds and vibrations easily travel into the operator cab through uninsulated floors, especially around the base of the control console. Adding Mass Loaded Vinyl sound barrier floor mats can help both damp noise and block noise from entering. They are designed to reduce the amount of sound transmitted through materials.

Noise Reduction Solutions From Technicon Acoustics

The right acoustic solution can reduce the noise levels in the operator cabs of your equipment, which translates to better health and performance in your employees. For all your acoustic insulation needs, turn to the experts at Technicon Acoustics.

To learn more about our acoustic insulation solutions and how they benefit the heavy machinery industry, visit our Construction and Agricultural Equipment page or contact us today. For assistance choosing a product that suits your needs, request a quote.