At Technicon Acoustics, we have a variety of CNC machines that are ideal for kits; large or small and provides a quick turn around on your prototypes. 


CNC Knife Cutting

CNC Knife cutting machines are ideal for kits large or small and provide a quick turn around on your Prototypes.  These machines provide a clean high-quality cut without any concerns of moisture wicking or frayed edges that can occur on certain soft goods. Our optimization software will automatically nest parts and improves material yield. 

  • Kits
  • Small to medium volume production runs
  • Prototypes
  • No tooling costs

Waterjet Cutting

Water jet cutting we can cut a wide array of materials with extreme accuracy and precision.  This allows for increased fabrication capability and quick turnaround times for Prototypes. Minimized cut kerf and optimization software ensure maximum material utilization. 

  • Ability to cut small and intricate parts
  • Can cut narrow kerf
  • No tooling costs
  • Ideal for prototyping
  • Cut a variety of materials

Gerber CNC Cutting Machine

Semyx Waterjet Cutting at Technicon

Customer Testimonial

“THANKS for a job well done!!! You guys didn’t know our company from a hole in the ground, but you treated us as if we were your best customer. Getting us material provided a lot of breathing room on a job in which we were previously running out of daylight. So, my sincere thanks for handling our needs in a superior fashion….. Anytime I have an opportunity to refer some business your way, you can bet I’ll sure do it.”

John O.  –  Southern Parts and Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of Kitting?

  • Helps minimize inventory & reduce cost
  • Improves the overall appearance of parts improving quality perspective

2. Does kitting improve the overall material yield?

  • Yes. Kitting also reduces waste

3. What Fabrication technology do you provide?

  • CNC cutting
  • Flat-bed die cutting

We have multiple types of Fabrication Technology so that we can cut various materials. IE: Waterjet and Reciprocating Knife.

4. What are the benefits of CNC cutting?

  • They are ideal for short run jobs.
  • Can run one-off prototypes.

5. Can we assist with design changes?

  •  Yes. Not only can we assist with design changes, but we can also provide your product on-time with high-quality performance. So far, we have a 99.05% shipping performance rating for the year 2018.