TECH LOCK™ is an innovative attachment system that solves many of the problems for anchoring acoustic foam insulation to metal, fiberglass, or plastic substrates. The patent pending TECH LOCK™ system eliminates the need for pressure sensitive adhesive by utilizing a unique hook and loop system. The process is quick and easy saving on installation time and reducing waste. TECH LOCK™ solves many of the issues associated with using pressure sensitive adhesives. 

Click here to download PDF of TECH LOCK™ Acoustic Attachment System


Some TECH LOCK™ Benefits: 

  • Repositionable parts - Eliminates Scrap
  • Reduce installation time - increases output and worker productivity
  • Ability to run wire harness and hydraulic lines behind acoustic material to improve quality and appearance. 
  • Allows more flexibility in part design
  • Eliminate Pressure Sensitive Adhesive release liner waste on production floor
  • Recyclable production waste and scrap material

An additional benefit of using our TECH LOCK™ system during design is that it allows for easy part and material interchange to test several different acoustic treatments on the same baseline unit. 

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