Protect Sensitive Components from Damaging Heat with







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Technicon Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of sound attenuation materials and composites. Thanks to Technicon's Product Development team we are proud to announce a new thermal management solution to add to our product line. TECH SHIELDTM TS-040 is the first of Technicon's thermal management products designed to shield sensitive components from excessive radiant heat sources in industries including heavy equipment, specialty vehicles, power generation, and others. 









At only 0.125" thick, TECH SHIELDTM TS-040 offers unmatched protection  from 1000℉  heat sources as close as 1" away. Made from a flexible and lightweight inorganic core that is naturally flame retardant and thermally insulating, our new TECH SHIELDTM TS-040 offers a noticeable drop in "cold side" or "body side" temperatures allowing for improved comfort inside cabins and operator environments. The high performance PSA offers quick and easy installation to a wide variety of surfaces. 



TECH SHIELDTM TS-040 can be fabricated into ready-to-install parts for customer specific applications, or it is also available in bulk rolls or sheets. Please contact Technicon Acoustics to request a sample of this material, or for questions regarding your thermal shielding needs.






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