FLAME SHIELD ™ Technicon's first proprietary high-performance facing.


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FLAME SHIELD™ is the first of Technicon's proprietary high-performance facings. Based on the non-woven technology developed for Tech Shield ™ product line, FLAME SHIELD ™ can withstand continuous temperatures above 400 ° F without burning or sustaining a flame when exposed to fire. FLAME SHIELD ™ also protects foams and fibers along with different absorbers in the case of a fire for up to 10 minutes. Due to its microporous structure, it also allows high frequency and low frequency to be effectively absorbed.  


Polyester Fiber with Flame Shield facing and pressure sensitive adhesive



FLAME SHIELD ™ withstands high-temp applications of 400 ° F and will resist open flame for more than 8 minutes. FLAME SHIELD ™ is a microporous, non-woven fabric that increases airflow resistance to aid in low-frequency without affecting high frequency.  





  • Fire Resistant facing for acoustic insulation
  • Combine with MLV barrier for fire resistant sound/welding curtains
  • Fire resistant layer for seating and flooring 
  • Fire resistant veil for bedding




High Chemical Resistance 

Resists open flame for more than 8 minutes at only .020 inches thick.  

Microporous for increased airflow resistance 

Provides high-frequency absorption 

Operates at high temperature at 400 ° F 




Product: PF-060-40-FS-33 


Product Description: Nominal 1inch thick polyester fiber flame shield facing and pressure sensitive adhesive on the backside.  


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Product: AF-020-40-FS-00 


Product Description: 1-inch thick polyether foam with flame shield facing.


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Product: VB-300-00-FS-FS 


Product Description: 1 lb/ft ² PVC barrier with FLAME SHIELD ™ resistant scrim on both sides.  


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