We're growing!


We’re Growing!

Here at Technicon Acoustics, we believe in the power of expansive thought. In working together, working hard and in rising above the standard, we believe in achieving excellence, asking the tough questions and in thinking of new answers. We believe in our team and in how we work together, but most importantly, we believe this team is founded deeply in our core values
Technicon Acoustics News…..
Welcome to the team! 
Audrey Lambert - Machine Operations
● Audrey is from Concord, NC and she loves her twin girls age 4 and Technicon Acoustics!
Linette Wensil - Machine Operations
● Linette is from Laurinburg, NC and has over 10 years of warehouse experience. She loves music (Led Zepplin) and to dance.
Keith Himes - Receiving Clerk 
● Keith is from Charlotte, NC. He’s been in receiving for 3 years and he loves sports (UNC Chapel Hill) and food.
Louise Giusto - Sales Support Specialist 
● Louise is from Long Island, NY and has 10 years of Sales Experience. She loves to travel and the Carolina Panthers! #keeppounding
Liz Newkirk -Marketing Coordinator
● Liz is from Atlanta, GA and has over several years’ experience of marketing experience. She loves Chimichangas and her dog Lola.
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Alisa Creel - Assistant Controller/ HR Clerk 
● Alisa has been with Technicon for 3 years 
Scott Furr - VP of Operations
● Scott has been with Technicon for 20 years 
Matt Plickert - Sales Manager 
● Matt has been with Technicon for 9 years