Our Core Values

Technicon Acoustics Core Values and Behaviors

We, here at Technicon Acoustics, believe in the power of expansive thought, in working together, in working hard, and in rising above the standard. We believe in achieving excellence, in asking questions, and in thinking of new answers. We believe in our team and in how we work together, but more importantly we believe this team is founded deeply in our core values.

These core values are the glue that holds us together, the pedal that drives us forward, and the lessons by which we choose to live. The four core values critical to our success are Honesty and Integrity, Accountability and Responsibility, Respect and Teamwork, and a Positive, Passionate, Can-do Attitude.

Honesty and Integrity are essential to the fabric of this team; they are in the fiber of who we are and who we strive to be, both as a person and as a team. Being a part of this team means that you will be honest above all else and trust in the judgment and aid of those around you. We also strive for integrity, which means always trying your best and putting your best foot forward even if the step you’re taking is a new one. Being honest is our baseline, our expectation, and our underlying guiding principle on which we build who we are. Integrity is our everyday goal, our constant reminder, and the map by which we find our way. Both honestly and integrity are without a doubt essential to running a successful business, but they are even more essential to being a successful team.

Accountability and Responsibility are our tools for success; they are the methods that guide us and the means to make us a successful team. On top of being honest with this team, we need to be accountable for our actions and responsible for our piece of the work. We believe in working together and in helping others just as much as you help yourself, if we live by this goal then our success will be immeasurable. If mistakes are made, they are an opportunity to learn and move forward. We believe in trying our best, in doing whatever we can to solve a problem. In this team, it doesn’t matter if you have all the solutions or just one, it doesn’t matter if you can work every job or just one, it doesn’t matter if you can run towards our goals ready or walk confidently, as long as you are moving forward.

Respect and Teamwork are the backbone of this company; they are the foundation upon which we build ourselves and the model of everything we strive to achieve. Respect means treating everyone around you with care and courtesy, listening when others are speaking and sharing with courtesy and trust. Without respect for both yourself and others, this team cannot succeed. In addition to success, we are built on the foundation of teamwork and working together. This teamwork means we actively collaborate with each other and pull together our strengths to complete a project. We rely on one another and are accountable for our part of the work, we share our ideas, think of new approaches to a problem, and are ready to try new solutions. We support and encourage one another to view issues from different angles and hear all the solutions before deciding as a team.

A Positive, Passionate, Can-Do Attitude is a cornerstone for ongoing success at Technicon. Technicon must be better tomorrow than we are today and better next year than we are this year. Our attitude is about making an impact every day, trying something new, and braving challenges with a smile and new ideas. We want you to leave work every day having changed something, so that every time you walk into Technicon you are ready to experiment, to lead, to expand yourself, to learn, and to grow above and beyond the person you were when you arrived. We believe in taking the initiative, in taking a chance on improving yourself and the people around you every day. It is our hope that when you leave this place, you are greater than when you arrived. Success is often measured in the numbers, the output, the production, but we, here at Technicon, also measure our success in our excited attitude and drive.

Above all, we are a team built on Respect and Teamwork, held together by Honesty and Integrity, fueled by a Positive, Passionate, Can-Do Attitude, and striving for Accountability and Responsibility. Our core values represent each one of us as a member of Technicon Acoustics and should serve us as both foundation and goal. Ground yourself in these values and what they mean to you, but also never stop striving for excellence and we will always keep moving forward. Make each of our core values a lesson, so that you will always learn from those around you and instill in yourself what it truly means to be part of the Technicon Team.












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