Air Compressors

Unlike the equipment, the operator wasn’t designed to handle the noise

Operators of air compressors spend their entire workday in and around equipment. . Noise can radiate throughout the environment and affects operators, bystanders, and nearby businesses. For 30 years we have helped equipment manufacturers of all sorts solve their noise problems by offering a complete line of sound absorbers, barriers, and vibration damping materials.


  • System Enclosures

All interior surfaces of the enclosure should be treated using the proper acoustical absorber or absorber/barrier composite.

  • Fuel Tanks

The large sheet metal panels can vibrate producing structure borne noise. Damping materials can be applied to reduce the vibration and noise.

  • Doors, Service Hatches

Doors and hatches can create acoustical weak spots in a noise-controlled enclosure. A combination of absorption and proper sealing ensure there are no leaks where noise can escape.

  • Intake/Exhaust Plenums

Technicon Acoustics offers a wide range of absorptive and barrier materials to help eliminate line of sight through plenums, and louvers.