Emergency/Specialty Vehicles

Highly customized vehicles need highly effective noise control

For ambulances, fire trucks, RVs, custom coaches, homeland security vehicles, mobile MRI units, and even mobile ATMs, the noise exposure to passengers and occupants can impact both comfort and the ability to work effectively. As the quality and comfort of specialty vehicles continue to increase, so do the needs for a comfortable acoustic environment. To identify the multiple sound pathways, we use sophisticated noise measurement techniques in order to optimize a noise control package. 

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  • Cabs

An insulated cab makes the driver more productive by blocking excessive road noise, and we offer a wide range of interior trim systems to meet any design requirements or mandated regulations.

  • Engine enclosures

A powerful engine creates high levels of airborne noise and structural vibrations, and its proximity to the driver compounds the problems. If noise from the powertrain, tires, and wind enter the cab as well, it can all add up to a fatiguing, disturbing environment.

  • Floors

Road noise is a major source of unwanted sound in most vehicles, but by adding a mass sound barrier that is decoupled from the floor system, you can choose from a variety of facings for improved function, durability, and aesthetics.