A comfortable experience on the water is also a quiet one.

Our noise absorbing and damping solutions have been designed and manufactured to stand up to the most rugged open water environments. We work closely with builders of production pleasure boats, custom yachts, and military craft to maximize comfort for personnel and passengers.

Whatever kind of boat you manufacture, your customers will appreciate your efforts to make it quieter. Our professional staff is ready, willing, and able to help you solve the noise control challenges unique to your marine product. We’ll get you the right products when you need them, and provide the best value in the process.


  • Engine Room Treatments

The engine room is the original source for most of the noise problems generated in the marine environment.  Absorbers/barrier composites minimize the negative impact unwanted sound and vibration can have on your customers’ comfort.

  • Hull Structure

When proper vibration damping materials are strategically applied to the hull or deck, you can effectively dampen the resonate frequencies of the hull and minimize the noise problem – significantly improving the passenger experience.

  • Staterooms and Salons

In the acoustical treatment of the occupied areas of the boat the comfort, convenience, aesthetics, and individual tastes of the owner must be a priority. Whether made of designer fabric or vinyl to meet your specific needs, we offer a wide variety of headliners, soft trim, and floor treatments.

  • Generator Sets

Generator sets have many of the same sound features as the main engine and should be analyzed for treatment in much the same way, but even if the generator set is already located within a treated engine room, further abatement might be necessary.