If it has wheels, it makes noise. And we make it quieter.

Whatever type of vehicle you manufacture, your customers will appreciate your efforts to make it quieter. Technicon Acoustics manufactures a complete line of noise control materials for the transportation industry. For over 30 years we have helped truck, bus, and specialty vehicle builders solve their sound problems and improve their customers’ comfort. Our professional staff is ready, willing and able to help you solve the noise control challenges unique to your vehicle. We’ll get you the right products when you need them, and we provide the best value in the process.

  • Mass transit

From viscoelastic damping materials in the floor to sound absorbent interior trim panels, we can help you bring mass transit noise exposure can within safe, comfortable limits. We also reduce interior HVAC noise.

  • Light Rail

The North American mass transit network, with an infrastructure encompassing subways, commuter and light rail, trolleys, and tramways, is the largest in the world. And we help make it one of the quietest.

  • Heavy Trucks

We offer a range of effective, integrated noise abatement solutions to help build a quieter, calmer work environment for drivers. When it comes to road noise, we help minimize vibration and block noise. 

  • Aerospace

To provide a thermal/acoustic insulation system that works with both the aircraft’s interior and its related systems and equipment, we work closely with both the design and the engineering team.