Why Technicon

We do something very important in the soundproofing business – we hear you.

At Technicon Acoustics we know that phrases like “excellent customer service”, “superior product quality”, “short lead times” etc… won’t get the job done with many buyers and decision makers these days. The old saying “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” comes to mind when reading those statements. Many buyers might ask “What is superior quality exactly?”

We measure our performance in many ways and focus on 3 key attributes that our customers expect from a valued supplier. Our customers get what they want, when they want it and at the highest quality.

The Technicon Advantage

For the previous 12 month period, First Quality performance was 99.95%. 

For the last 12 months, Technicon shipped 98.46% of customer orders by promised date.

For the last 12 months, Technicon shipped 98.83% of ordered items within standard tolerances