Value Added Services

Technicon Acoustics offers a variety of value added services for our customers. We continue to search and indentify new ways to create more value for our customers. Here are a few examples:


JIT - Just-In-Time inventory strategies are only effective if there are no weak links in the supply chain. Technicon customers are able to increase their efficiency and decrease waste by receiving our goods only as needed throughout the production process. We take pride in our On-Time Shipping Performance and as a result of our efforts, not one Technicon customer has experienced a production line down in over a decade! 



KanBan - Using communication through visual management, Technicon strives for a culture of continuous improvement. A consistent daily analysis of work flow effectiveness has fostered our unwavering ability to match inventory with demands, reducing inventory, production time, and passing those savings to our customers. 





Kitting - Technicon's die cutting and CNC cutting capabilities allow for custom kitting at high volumes. Custom engineered designs can be cut as one large piece with perforated cuts, with each individual part seperately labeled. This allows for quicker receiving for our customers and an overall simplified inventory process.