Vibration Damping material as an efficient and effective way to control vibration and noise radiation at the source.

Our vibration damping materials can be combined with sound absorbers to create composites that control both airborne and structure-borne noise.


Tech Damp DP-100

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DM and Mass Loaded Vinyl?  

  • DM is a vibration damping material used to change the resonate frequency of the vibrating surface. Mass Loaded Vinyl is a sound barrier material used to block noise transmission. 

How does Damping Material Work?  

  • Damping materials are designed to damp vibration in structures. Most are viscoelastic materials that use mass to change the resonant frequency of a substrate. They dissipate the mechanical energy by converting it to heat. By limiting transmitted vibration through enclosures and structures, many noise problems can be eliminated before they enter the environment. 

What are the two types of Damping Materials?  

  • Extensional and Constrained. An extensional strain of structural substrate deforms damping material causing energy dissipation. A constrained layer has a high modulus material top layer, viscoelastic middle and shear strain created in the viscoelastic layer.    

Where are Damping Materials commonly used?  

  • Platforms, partitions, hulls, decks, walls and other structural components are prime applications; however, we can provide a custom solution for you and your particular problem.  

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