Technicon Acoustics uses our expertise to help heavy truck and other specialty vehicle OEMs reduce sound, heat, and vibration problems while increasing passenger and driver comfort during operation. By improving vehicle performance and enhancing the customer experience, we help OEMs improve the customer perception of their products and their brand. 

We offer thermal and acoustic solutions for a variety of heavy trucks and specialty vehicles, such as: 

  • Semi-trucks 
  • Emergency vehicles  
  • Delivery vehicles 
  • Military vehicles 
  • Recreational vehicles 
  • Buses
  • Mass transit

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation for Semi-Trucks & Emergency Vehicles 

Tractor trailers and emergency vehicles generate significant engine and road noise during the course of normal operation. That noise can have a damaging effect for drivers and passengers. This risk is especially high for those who spend extended periods in the vehicle, such as long-haul truckers and military personnel, among many others. Over a protracted period of time, too much road noise and vibration can lead to unsafe driving conditions.  

semi truck acoustic treatments

Technicon Acoustics can target these problems in multiple ways:  

  • Cabs. Our range of composite solutions contribute to reduced road noise, while our custom-fitted selection of acoustic and thermal solutions prevents vibrations and accumulated heat from entering the interior of the vehicle, including the cab or sleeper area. The headliner can also be outfitted with perforated vinyl foam to add an additional layer of acoustic protection against noise. 
  • Floor matsWe can install barriers crafted from mass loaded vinyl in the vehicle’s floor mats to further mitigate road noise and vibration. Mass loaded vinyl consists of a thick, yet pliable sheet of vinyl infused with metal particles to give it extra mass. This barrier helps disperse external vibrations as they enter the interior of the vehicle. 
  • Engines and TransmissionSimilar noise damping materials can be placed between the engine and operator thelp reduce vibrations and noise, as well as noise from shifts in the vehicle’s frame as it navigates the road.  

Control Essential Equipment Heat and Noise with Technicon Acoustics 

The engine in your average transport or emergency vehicle is large and generates significant power, heat, and noise. Our trademarked Tech Shieldcan be applied to the firewall between the engine and the driver cab offering protection from heat buildup.  

fire truck acoustic and thermal treatments

Exhaust pipes create another heat hazard on these heavy truck and specialty vehicles. Because they operate over a long period of time, they can become dangerously hot. OurTech Shield Sleeve™ fits over the exhaust pipe and serves a dual purpose by: 

  • Trapping heat for better diesel particulate filtration  
  • Providing a barrier to prevent operators from touching the hot exhaust pipe 

Our Tech Shield Sleeve helps your diesel engine operate at maximum efficiency while protecting sensitive components and materials that surround the exhaust.  

Thermal and acoustic materials are placed within the wall and ceiling panels of emergency vehicle. This helps combat both heat soak and road noise which can be detrimental in this setting. For heat soak, our thermal material stabilizes the environment to keep internal temperatures comfortable by blocking outdoor heat and trapping cool air. These treatments are commonly done in the body of ambulances, but can also be done in cabs of other emergency vehicles like firetrucks. 

Emergency vehicles don’t always follow the rules of the road. They regularly have to exceed the speed limit and make sharp turns which can generate additional noise in the vehicle’s frame. We can design sound-damping materials in vertical and horizontal surfaces of specialty and emergency vehicle’s interior to help alleviate any added vibrations.  

Technicon Acoustics Success Story: Emergency Vehicles 

Safety is essential for proper operation of emergency vehicles. Emergency relief crews need to communicate with each other and their dispatcher during a crisis situation. The emergency vehicle’s interior needs to be free from as much acoustic disruption as possible to facilitate appropriate communication and ensure that passengers, patients, and rescue workers remain safe. 

ambulance acoustic treatments

In the aftermath of 9/11, first responders came to understand how essential noise reduction inside emergency vehicles was. Many emergency fleet vehicles were destroyed in the course of service. Technicon Acoustics worked with one emergency vehicle manufacturer to reduce cabin noise and facilitate speech communication between EMT and hospital personnel which helped them win a major contract with the city of New York to replace emergency fleets going forward. To learn more about how we were able to help first responders with our acoustic solutions, please watch our video 

For more information about the full range of our acoustic noise damping solutions, please contact us orrequest a quote.