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Thermal Insulation vs. Acoustic Insulation

When people talk about insulation, they’re referring to one of two types: thermal insulation or acoustic insulation. Thermal insulation materials reduce radiant and conductive heat. Common forms are foam insulation, reflective barriers, and blankets, which are found in both residential and industrial settings, where high-temperature insulation is critical for safe operations. On the flip side, […]

Supply Chain Trends

International and domestic markets focused on flexibility throughout 2021 to combat the tumult in production, transportation, energy prices, and international tensions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. For 2022, one core concept that companies should prioritize in order to handle supply chain headaches and uncertain quarterly forecasts is a focus on supply chain logistics and how […]

Sound Absorbing Materials for Industrial Equipment

Various types of industrial equipment and machinery produce high levels of noise during operation. Implementing the proper soundproofing materials is crucial to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, protecting sensitive components, reducing warranty claims, and decreasing the overall cost of equipment. At Technicon Acoustics, we offer a range of solutions, including acoustic absorbers and acoustic barriers, […]

High vs Low-Frequency Noise: What’s the Difference?

You may be able to hear the distinction between high and low-frequency noise, but do you understand how they are different scientifically? Frequency, which is measured in hertz (Hz), refers to the number of times per second that a sound wave repeats itself. When sound waves encounter an object, they can either be absorbed and […]

Soundproof material

A Guide to Material Testing for Acoustical and Thermal Treatments

Acoustic and thermal product solutions play a vital role in a wide range of systems and structures. By absorbing, blocking, and isolating sound and heat, they help keep equipment and equipment users safe. Given their important function, it is essential to verify that they work as intended before using them. That’s why, like many other […]

Our Commitment to Your Success

Becoming North America’s leading producer of OEM acoustic and thermal solutions isn’t only about top-quality products, it’s also about top-notch customer service, innovation, and quality products. For over 40 years, Technicon Acoustics has been committed to our customers. We have the ability to adapt to your needs to ensure you have everything you need, whether […]

Hemi anechoic acoustical test chamber

There’s More To NRC Ratings, Damping Coefficient, and SAA Ratings Than You Think

When choosing the right thermal insulation or acoustic material for a particular application, there are many factors to consider, such as the NRC rating, SAA rating, and damping coefficient. Although these measurements give important information, it’s also important to consider aspects such as temperature and humidity when selecting materials and gauging their performance. At Technicon […]

Thermal Insulation for Portable and Standby Generators

For many applications, thermal insulation is an important feature to have in portable and standby generators. Sufficient thermal insulation offers numerous benefits, including reduced energy costs, protection for workers, and increased longevity of equipment. To meet your heat insulation needs, we offer top-of-the-line Tech Shield™ and Tech Shield Sleeve™ solutions to keep your systems and workers protected. Importance of […]

Sound level meter measuring the noise vibration harshness

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH): What You Need to Know

The extraneous sound and vibration are more than just an annoyance for people who work around noisy machinery. Excess equipment noise creates a perception of low quality that can decrease the perceived value of an OEM’s product. Noise and vibration are first and foremost bothersome, but it can also cause underlying issues of increased wear and tear, ultimately leading to shorter equipment life. These results have detrimental effects on the marketability of the […]

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Mass Transit and Rail Discussion Technicon Acoustics

Q&A With Our Experts: Noise & Thermal Solutions for Rail/Mass Transit

Some of our experts at Technicon Acoustics joined Modus Advanced to discuss our acoustic and thermal solutions for Rail/Mass Transit. In our discussion, not only do we speak to best practices of treatments in the industry, but the alternatives we offer in replacement of commonly sourced materials and their advantages. This includes our  PF-091  Tech Shield™  Tech Shield Sleeve™  Here at Technicon, we frequently […]

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