Sound level meter measuring the noise vibration harshness

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH): What You Need to Know

The extraneous sound and vibration are more than just an annoyance for people who work around noisy machinery. Excess equipment noise creates a perception of low quality that can decrease the perceived value of an OEM’s product. Noise and vibration are first and foremost bothersome, but it can also cause underlying issues of increased wear and tear, ultimately leading to shorter equipment life. These results have detrimental effects on the marketability of the […]

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Mass Transit and Rail Discussion Technicon Acoustics

Q&A With Our Experts: Noise & Thermal Solutions for Rail/Mass Transit

Some of our experts at Technicon Acoustics joined Modus Advanced to discuss our acoustic and thermal solutions for Rail/Mass Transit. In our discussion, not only do we speak to best practices of treatments in the industry, but the alternatives we offer in replacement of commonly sourced materials and their advantages. This includes our  PF-091  Tech Shield™  Tech Shield Sleeve™  Here at Technicon, we frequently […]

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Soundproof material

Understanding The Difference Between Sound Absorption and Soundproofing

While the terms “sound absorption” and “soundproofing” are often used interchangeably, they refer to products with distinct purposes. As such, it is essential to understand the differences between the two terms to ensure you select the right type of noise reduction product for your application.   In this blog post, we explore the differences between sound absorption […]

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Sound Enclosure Sheet Metal

The Importance of Acoustic Material in Sound Enclosures

Commercial power generators, air compressors, and other industrial equipment make a lot of noise. To counter loud noise levels, OEMs attempt to contain the disruptive sounds with an enclosure. Enclosures are supposed to trap sound waves so they don’t affect the ambient environment. Unfortunately, most traditional sound enclosures are less effective than the industry commonly thinks. […]

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Polyester Fiber

Polyester Fiber vs. Melamine Foam: Which Is the Better Option?

For acoustic and thermal insulation applications, one of the most commonly utilized materials is melamine foam insulation. While it demonstrates adequate sound absorption and thermal insulation characteristics, there is an alternative material solution that offers more effective and efficient performance for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needs—polyester fiber insulation. The following blog post provides a comparison […]

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Exhaust Wrap on Vehicle Exhaust Pipe

Why OEMs Prefer Our Exhaust Wrap Over Traditional Sleeves

Whether working with anything from exhaust systems to heavy industrial equipment, exhaust wraps serve as a multipurpose insulating option. While a broad variety of thermal insulating blankets and covers remain on the market, they lack the versatility of Technicon’s Tech Shield Sleeve™ exhaust wrap.   Critical to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) working within a broad range of industries, well-fitted exhaust insulation ensures optimal equipment operation. This diverse range of industries includes construction, agriculture, transportation, […]

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MRI Machine

Acoustic Components in the Medical Industry 

Patients and medical practitioners both benefit from quieter environments, but hospitals and laboratories often have high levels of ambient noise. Even clinics, offices of private practitioners, and homes of recuperating or long-term patients still have noises that may cause distraction or anxiety. Noise absorbers and sound dampening materials are important throughout the medical industry as patients and medical professionals seek to reduce noise levels. OEMs are often asked to reduce noise levels […]

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Why Is Noise Reduction Necessary in Construction Equipment?

According to a study performed by the American Industrial Hygiene Association in the early 2000s, over 500,000 construction workers are exposed to noise levels that pose a potential risk to their auditory health and well-being. In addition to affecting the working conditions for these workers, the sound produced at construction worksites affects the living quality […]

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