MRI Machine

Acoustic Components in the Medical Industry 

Patients and medical practitioners both benefit from quieter environments, but hospitals and laboratories often have high levels of ambient noise. Even clinics, offices of private practitioners, and homes of recuperating or long-term patients still have noises that may cause distraction or anxiety. Noise absorbers and sound dampening materials are important throughout the medical industry as patients and medical professionals seek to reduce noise levels. OEMs are often asked to reduce noise levels […]

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Why Is Noise Reduction Necessary in Construction Equipment?

According to a study performed by the American Industrial Hygiene Association in the early 2000s, over 500,000 construction workers are exposed to noise levels that pose a potential risk to their auditory health and well-being. In addition to affecting the working conditions for these workers, the sound produced at construction worksites affects the living quality […]

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Serving Our Customers the Right Way

Technicon Acoustics works with a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) based in North America. Our product solutions protect against unwanted sound, vibration, and thermal energy through the use of sound dampening or sound absorption technology. We specialize in creating custom solutions for blocking, isolating, deflecting, and absorbing sound and heat energy. Our ultimate goal […]

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Tech Shield ™ with PSA

The How-To Guide for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tapes

At Technicon Acoustics, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape—also referred to as self-adhesive or self-stick adhesive tape—is one of our key product offerings. It is a type of adhesive tape made from thin, flexible material that, depending on the intended use case, features a single or double-sided adhesive coating activated by pressure. As the tape adheres […]

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Mobile electric power generator for emergency situations.

The Importance of Acoustic Enclosure Treatments

Loud noises are not just distracting or uncomfortable for workers—they pose serious safety risks that lead to hearing loss. Reducing noise with acoustic enclosure treatments is an important element in creating a healthy work environment and facilitating employee productivity. These enclosures reliably reduce, minimize, or eliminate noise from specific sources in countless industrial environments. Benefits […]

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Micro Perf Myths

Controlling how and when sounds are absorbed is pivotal for equipment and machinery. Acoustic designers use a combination of tactics and materials to control sound absorption and direction. One method manufacturers use is adding layers of composite materials, foams, and films to create panels with different rates of absorption. Micro perf, or micro perforation, is […]

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A Closer Look at Sound Damping vs. Absorption

Acoustic vibration or acoustic energy—more commonly referred to as noise—can be mitigated or eliminated using sound damping or sound absorption techniques. Damping reduces acoustic vibration within any type of structure, wall, or system. In contrast, sound absorption works to dissipate airborne acoustic energy or sound waves. Though different, both achieve the same goal of mitigating […]