Noise commonly causes nuisances in everyday medical settings. With stress levels already high in hospitals and medical facilities, patients can find difficulty sleeping and recuperating, especially when the medical equipment near their beds transforms the space into a loud and disruptive environment. Expert use of noise reduction equipment can considerably improve a patient’s experience returning to health.

Technicon Acoustics provides reliable, high-quality noise reduction solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), particularly for medical equipment and devices. As specialists in the design and manufacture of materials and equipment that absorb and block sound waves and vibration, Technicon Acoustics takes pride in staying up-to-date on critical industry knowledge.

This experience assists OEMs in reducing equipment sounds to minimal levels, thereby diminishing negative effects to individuals in the surrounding area. Reduced vibration and noise improve the customer’s overall perception of the equipment and therefore enhance product marketability through an increase in customer acceptance.

Acoustic Solutions for Medical Devices

Reducing noise in a medical facility remains an important goal, especially for portable equipment used at a patient’s bedside. Loud, vital equipment such as nebulizers, oxygen concentrators, and lab equipment can affect a patient’s recovery, but ambient noise in the facility may also lead to patient discomfort.


Nebulizers allow medicine to be administered to the patient by rendering it into a fine mist that can be inhaled. Typically, the nebulizer’s motor creates the most noise.


To lessen the amount of airborne sound, an enclosure of acoustic barriers and soundproofing material can be installed around the motor. The sound insulation will absorb and block the unwanted noise, thereby reducing the nebulizer’s overall sound emissions and improving the patient experience.

Oxygen Concentrators and Generators


Used primarily in home settings, oxygen concentrators serve as small, portable oxygen sources. Oxygen generators, on the other hand, are larger and more often used in medical facilities. Both generate and transmit oxygen to the patient through the use of an air compressor. This compressor causes the main source of unwanted noise in this type of equipment.

Fortunately, the compressor enclosure can be treated with soundproofing materials in order to decrease or eliminate unwanted noise produced by the compressor. Installing acoustic absorbers internally in oxygen concentrators can assist without interfering with equipment operation. In addition, installation of vibration dampening materials behind the concentrator’s exterior can further minimize internal vibration.

Medical Lab Equipment

Equipment noise not only affects patients, but doctors, nurses, and technicians regularly experience exposure to high levels of noise put off by medical lab equipment.

medical equipment

Vacuum pumps, sonicators, and centrifuges can generate a significant amount of noise, sometimes as high as 65 decibels. This stressful, consistent exposure to noise at this level can trigger permanent hearing damage. The sound can also travel throughout the medical facility, further disrupting patients and other facility staff.

Loud sound from medical lab equipment can largely be mitigated by combining sound and vibration absorbers and decoupling materials. Technicon Acoustics has developed a selection of composite materials with capabilities to both absorbing and blocking sound and vibration. This innovation significantly decreases structure-borne noise and mechanical vibrations that can create unwanted sound from equipment like mounted devices, sheet metal, and body panels.

Imaging & Ultrasonic Equipment

MRI Machine

To prevent this interference from airborne noise, the diagnostic imaging and ultrasonic equipment can undergo treatment with materials to control the sound. Installing acoustic absorbers internally into magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) chambers will help in this effort to mitigate airborne noise but not compromise equipment performance. Similarly, vibration damping materials installed behind exterior covers can help minimize any internal vibration.

Medical Device Noise Reduction From Technicon Acoustics

At Technicon Acoustics, we understand that medical equipment varies widely in form and function. Many solutions can help to absorb, block, and isolate sound in medical equipment, but custom-designed solutions produced by a trusted manufacturer will cater to every necessary specification. Right from the start of the manufacturing process, OEMs can confidently rely on an acoustics professional from Technicon Acoustics to develop medical equipment with the exact specifications for their noise-absorption needs. Effective sound reduction can significantly assist in decreasing both patient and hospital worker stress caused by equipment noise.

If your loud on–site medical equipment sound keeps interfering with patient and employee health, contact us today or request a quote for help creating a custom noise reduction solution that perfectly fits your demands.

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