We help OEM’s in the medical equipment industry to improve their customers experience and elevate their brand.

Our solutions absorb, block and or damp sound energy generated by your equipment. Reduced noise and vibration raise customer quality perceptions and product acceptance.


Most noise problems encountered with nebulizers originate from one principle source, the motor. By surrounding the enclosure, noise can be abated.

Oxygen Concentrators/Generators

Noise control issues in oxygen concentrators stem principally from compressor noise. The compressor is housed in an enclosure that can be treated for noise.

Medical Lab Equipment

Lab equipment can be extremely noisy. In fact, a high speed refrigerated centrifuge alone can generate noise levels as high as 65 dBA.

Imaging & Ultrasonic Equipment

Because noise can have a negative effect on image interpretation and diagnostic tasks in a clinical setting, the enclosure can be treated with noise control materials.

Medical Equipment Noise