At Technicon, we continually reinvest in the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure that we can make the best products and materials as efficiently and productively as possible. 

We deploy the latest in lamination, casting, and fabrication machinery combined with the leading edge Computer Aided Design and Production Optimization software to manufacture the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.



Our numerous production capabilities allow us to create products that are high in quality and are effective for your noise control and thermal insulation needs. We are able to customize all of our products and materials to meet your unique requirements for size, weight, thickness, and performance.

Located in Charlotte, NC we have a three-room acoustics lab that consists of a Hemianechoic room, Reverberation Room, and a Sound Transmission receiving room.

The expanded lab is off-site from the main office at a former sound testing facility. This lab allows us to provide a custom solution for our customers. Here we can test products and develop new noise control materials. The three rooms within the lab each offer a specific functionality for sound testing and product development.

  • The Hemianechoic room is vibration isolated from the rest of the sound lab, aiding in quieter product development.
  • The Reverberation room is constructed of reflective sound materials which will create a diffuse sound field. This allows for equal probability of determining the origin of the sound.
  • The Sound Transmission room( not pictured) will test transmission loss on the acoustical materials tested in the Reverberation Room. The combination of the three rooms within the lab will greatly aid in testing products and materials.