Product Overview at Technicon Acoustics

Technicon’s customers know our products are the result of intensive research and testing and that they represent the latest solutions in noise control materials. Technicon’s engineering and technical staff can develop custom solutions based on your specific needs. Our talented, experienced personnel will take you through Technicon’s proven methodology of creating the most cost-effective noise and vibration control solution. Technicon Acoustics’ custom solutions allow us to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and environmental impact across all markets. Experience the Technicon difference and what we can do for you.


Acoustic Products

Acoustic Absorber

As a premier provider of thermal and acoustic products for North American original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Technicon Acoustics specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering products that block, isolate, and absorb heat and sound. Acoustic absorbers are one of our core product offerings.

OEMs can significantly reduce the amount of reverberation end-users experience by integrating acoustic absorbers into their equipment. This helps make operations much quieter, protecting equipment operators from auditory injury.

Our PF-091 absorption material consists of a proprietary fiber blend that provides exceptional low-frequency absorption and other benefits, making PF-091 a viable solution for thermal and acoustic needs. Applications of the PF-091™ include the following:

  • Air Compressor and Fluid Pump Enclosures
  • Construction Equipment
  • Generator Enclosures
  • Heavy Trucks
  • HVAC
  • Large and Small Appliances
  • Marine Engine Rooms

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Acoustic Products

Acoustic Barriers

Sound barriers, commonly referred to as acoustic barriers, can block noise from transmitting between locations. Typically constructed using mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) and other soundproofing materials, acoustic barrier panels can reduce the amount of airborne sound that gets transmitted through the following spaces:

  • Enclosures
  • Firewalls
  • Housings
  • Floorboards

Acoustic barriers are found in soundproof assemblies in walls, roofs, and other enclosures to mitigate sound transmission into adjoining spaces. Heavy-duty industrial environments can rely on heavy-duty sound barriers to maintain efficiency, even under high temperatures and other challenging conditions.

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Acoustic Products

Vibration Damping

Industrial, ergonomic, and electronic applications require vibration damping when a system needs to produce a lower amount of energy. Once the vibration damping occurs, the energy can be transferred through the designated channels, significantly reducing noise production.

Technicon Acoustics provides various damping materials to ensure our products stop vibration before it becomes a bigger problem. Determining which material is beneficial for vibration damping can be determined by the demands of the specific application.

The most commonly used materials for vibration damping include:

  • Polyurethane
  • PVC
  • Rubber

Our Tech Damp FD-100 is a damping foam composite that can reduce resonant noise in thin structural members, such as sheet metal. Weighing just 0.22 lbs/ft2, this product adds minimal weight while providing excellent damping properties. Applications of the Tech Damp™ FD-100 include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Door Panels
  • Enclosure Cabinets
  • Floor Panels
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Outer Skin Damping for Mass Transit
  • Wheel Wells

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Thermal Products

Tech Shield™

Tech Shield™ TS-040 has a lightweight, flexible inorganic core with thermal insulation and naturally flame-retardant properties. This new product offers a noticeable drop in “body side” or “cold side” temperatures, allowing for improved comfort in operator environments.

Applications for the Tech Shield™ include the following:

  • Exhaust & Turbo
  • Firewall & Underbody
  • Fuel Tank Shielding
  • Hose & Tubing Protection

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Thermal Products

Tech Shield Sleeve™

The Tech Shield Sleeve is a braided sleeve consisting of a proprietary blend of cure-in-place structural cords and highly texturized fibers that help insulate exhausts. The sleeve can help lower the surface temperature of the exhaust or help keep the heat in for diesel particulate filtration to ensure surrounding components are not damaged.

Features of the Tech Shield Sleeve include the following:

  • Cold-side temperatures can be as much as 70% cooler than that of the exhaust pipe.
  • Resonance and airflow can reduce pipe vibration.
  • Proprietary cords cure in place with heat emitted from the exhaust pipes, ensuring the wrap does not unravel. If fibers get damaged by debris or rocks, the hose clamps may fall off, but the fibers remain flexible during sleeve installation.
  • Provides a high-performance appearance for exhaust pipes.
  • The unique braided structure of the sleeve accommodates a broad range of pipe diameters, making the application quick and effective. One sleeve can cover the pipe while not allowing the heat to escape from an open space.
  • The sizing combination and proprietary fiber denier reduce irritation compared to fiberglass products from competitors.

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Films, Facings, and Adhesives

By partnering with Technicon Acoustics, you can effectively increase acoustic performance and thermal control. With a variety of film, facing, and adhesive product offerings, we can help you determine the right product for your intended application.

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Acoustic Products from Technicon Acoustics

As a leading supplier of thermal and acoustic solutions for OEMs throughout North America, Technicon Acoustics provides quality noise and vibration control products. With decades of industry experience, we can assist OEMs with innovative and cost-effective solutions for even the most complex noise pollution problems. We can help enhance customer brand perception, maximize value for your customers, and improve product marketability.

Working with Technicon Acoustics means you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • We work with trusted foam suppliers to meet our material specifications.
  • All composites and laminates are manufactured in-house, with over 3,000 product configurations available to meet your needs.
  • Our extensive product knowledge and industry experience allow us to solve complex problems with confidence.
  • All Technicon Acoustics employees are committed to providing the “Perfect Order Experience.”

Contact us to experience the Technicon difference. To get started on your next project, request a quote today!