For certain materials, thermal lamination is an economical and reliable alternative to flame lamination.

Materials that will not tolerate a flame can be bonded with the use of thermally activated adhesives to create a durable bond. Specific facings that flow with heat can be fused directly to the substrate material for a cohesive bond. Thermal lamination can be used in many applications to adjust and tune the acoustic performance of the materials to create the exact solution required for your application.

New Capabilities

At Technicon, we continue to invest in the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure we can make high-quality materials as effectively as possible. Our newest equipment is a new double belt-lamination process. This line has independent heat zones on the top and bottom as well as infrared heating on the in-feed side of the machine. This gives us the ability to laminate multi-layer materials in one pass as well as the ability to laminate new materials that will expand our product line. 

Customer Testimonial

“Technicon’s acoustic products meet the high-quality standards our customers expect. The ongoing relationship and customer service make Technicon a valued partner.” Ken M.  –  Sutphen Corp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thermal Lamination?

  • Thermal Lamination film is a decorative film that has been extrusion coated with a thermal adhesive so that a heated lamination nip roll will activate the adhesive layer causing the film to adhere to the surface.