Flame lamination is a process that uses an open flame to join or bond dissimilar materials such as fabrics, vinyls, polyurethane foams, lofted nonwoven polyesters and other textile materials. It’s a superior bonding method to traditional adhesive laminating, as it effectively eliminates points of failure that cause delamination.

The Flame Lamination Process

Here are the key steps in our flame lamination process:

Preparation of Materials

The process begins by carefully selecting materials that need lamination, e.g., foams, fabrics, or other substrates that require a strong and reliable bond.

Laminating Process

After preparation, materials are run through the machine and are exposed to direct flame. This melts the surface layer of the foam to create the “glue” to bond facing or back to the foam.


After the lamination process, we conduct final product quality checks and complete any necessary finishing touches to ensure they meet the desired specific requirements. This phase also involves trimming, sheeting, die cutting or CNC cutting the laminated materials into finished parts.

Advantages of Flame Lamination

The flame lamination process offers a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Cost Effective: It’s a cost-effective process as no additional adhesives are required to bond materials.
  • Efficient: faster line speeds than other thermal lamination methods.
  • Versatile: Flame lamination is versatile and can bond various materials, including acoustic and polyurethane foams, nonwoven fibers, and fabrics, making it suitable for multiple industries and several different materials.
  • Superior: It creates a 100% surface bond, eliminating points of failure such as delamination.

Flame Lamination Industrial Applications

Flame lamination is used in various industrial applications, including:

  • Acoustic/polyurethane foams
  • Nonwoven fibers
  • Automotive trim and interior materials
  • Medical soft good foams
  • Velcro-backed foams
  • Foam backed sanding pads
  • Contract lamination

Our Flame Lamination Capabilities

Technicon Acoustics provides both bi-lamination and tri-lamination services. We can laminate materials from 0.125″ inch to 4.0″ inch thick and material widths up to 76″ wide.


Customer Testimonial

“CW Hayden is very impressed with the technical support we receive from Technicon. Their expertise in design and flexibility help support new business prospects and resulted in an increase in sales from new models in the marine market.”

John M.  –  C.W. Hayden

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flame Lamination?

  • Flame Lamination allows for different products to be laminated extremely quickly with a strong bond. Our natural gas-fueled machines fuse layers of materials together using a direct flame on the foam for a 100% surface bond.

What markets do we serve?

Can you supply sheets and rolls?

  • Yes, we can. This can be done with a closed cell or open cell foam with both adhesive coated or non-coated materials.



Let Technicon Acoustics Help With Flame Lamination

Technicon Acoustics provides versatile flame lamination solutions to meet the unique demands of different industries and applications. Contact us today to get a quote and learn how our acoustic and thermal solutions can benefit your company.