Flame Lamination allows for products to be bonded quickly without the need for added adhesives. This high-speed process utilizes the substrate material itself to create a superior full surface bond.

Our Flame Lamination capabilities include both bi-lamination and tri-lamination. We can laminate materials from 0.125” inch to 4.0” inch thick and material widths up to 80” wide. 


  • Acoustic Foam 
  • High Loft Materials 
  • Interior Trim 
  • Custom Matting and Cushioning 
  • Contract Lamination 


Customer Testimonial

“CW Hayden is very impressed with the technical support we receive from Technicon. Their expertise in design and flexibility help support new business prospects and resulted in an increase in sales from new models in the marine market.”

John M.  –  C.W. Hayden