Tech Shield Sleeve™ is a braided sleeve made from a proprietary blend of highly texturized fiber and cure in place structural cords. The texturized fiber helps insulate exhausts to either help keep the heat in for diesel particulate filtration or helps to lower surface temperature of the exhaust so that components near it will not get damaged. The cure in place structural cords will cure after a few minutes of exposure to the heat from the exhaust pipes, and once cured, will not allow the wrap to unravel and fall off.


  • Cold side temps are as much as 70% cooler than on the exhaust pipe itself
  • Reduced vibration of the pipes due to resonance and airflow
  • Proprietary cords cure in place with heat present from exhaust pipes and make sure the wrap doesn’t unravel even if some fibers are damaged from rocks/debris or hose clamps fall off but are flexible during installation of the sleeve.
  • Gives exhausts pipes a more high performance look
  • Unique braided structure allows for some range in pipe diameters one sleeve can cover while also not allowing open space for heat to escape, making application onto pipes effective and quick
  • Proprietary fiber denier and sizing combination reduces irritation over competitive fiberglass products


  • Aftermarket motorcycle/recreational vehicle exhaust systems to help reduce surface temperatures. Typically near legs, storage bins, etc. and if temperature gets too high it could cause burns or damages to items
  • Tier 4 engines between turbo’s and DOC filters to keep exhaust gases hot enough to filter efficiently to meet emissions regulations
  • Exhaust sections that may damage components (wires, connectors, plastic tubing, etc.) in the vicinity if too much heat radiates off of it. Also, exhaust sections that may run outside of a vehicle and could potentially come into contact with people