Protect Sensitive Components from Damaging Heat.

Made from a flexible and lightweight inorganic core that is naturally flame retardant and thermally insulating, our new TECH SHIELD ™ TS-040 offers a noticeable drop in “cold side” or “body side” temperatures allowing for improved comfort inside cabins and operator environments.

*Note, this temperature drop requires the AI to be exposed to the radiant heat source*

Common Applications:

  • Firewall & Underbody
  • Hose & Tubing Protection
  • Exhaust & Turbo
  • Fuel Tank Shielding


• Protection from 1000 ºF heat sources as close as 1” away
• Overall thickness of 0.125” allows for installation in tight spaces
• Naturally fire retardant core material
• Low tooling costs & short production lead time
• High-temp PSA with EZ Peel liner for installation to a variety of substrates


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How close can Tech Shield be placed from a 1,000 °F heat source

  • 1 inch away

2.) Is Tech Shield naturally flame retardant?

  • Yes and is Thermally Insulating and significantly decreases the ” cold side” or “body side” temperature up to 80% wherever Tech Shield ™ TS-040 wherever Tech Shield ™ TS-040 is applied.

3.) In what industries are thermal products widely used?

  • Heavy Equipment, Public Transportation, Aerospace, Specialty Vehicles, and Power Generation

4.) What is Tech Shield ™ made from?

  • A flexible and lightweight proprietary inorganic core that is naturally flame retardant, thermally insulating, and acoustically absorptive. Tech Shield is also supplied with a high-performance PSA for quick and easy installation to a wide variety of surfaces.

5.) Can Tech Shield ™ be adapted to customer specifications?

  • Yes. We can adapt by varying density, fiber blend, thickness, and composite configuration. Tech Shield can also be supplied in rolls, sheets, or fabricated parts.

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