Acoustic barriers are used to block noise transmitting from one location to another. A sound barrier is a Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) used to reduce the amount of airborne sound transmitting through enclosures, floorboards, firewalls, housings, cabs etc.

Typically combined with absorbers and decoupling materials, we create composite materials that can absorb and block noise all in one.


Roll Barrier Foam

Absorber Foam by Technicon Acoustics

Barrier Composite

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is Noise?

  • Put simply Noise is any Unwanted sound which may interfere with speech and verbal communications or is otherwise disturbing or irritating.  Which begs the question – What is Sound?   The sound is any pressure variation in the air, water or other media which may be detected by the human ear.

2.) What types of noise can/does Technicon deal with?

  • Generally, in industry, we are dealing with two types of noise sources

Structure-Borne Noise – Mechanical vibration in a structure which can become an audible sound.  Examples: Mounted Devices, Sheet Metal, Body Panels,…

Airborne Noise – A condition when sound waves are being carried by the atmosphere.  Examples: Engine Noises, Turbo Whine, Gensets, Water Makers.


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