We provide a wide variety of films and facings to increase the durability and performance of our products to meet customer’s needs. Our extensive inventory allows us to customize the solution to your problem and provide a rapid turnaround. 

Increase the thermal control and acoustic performance by partnering with our Engineers to see which film and facing works best for you. Since 1980 we’ve been providing different films and facing for different applicants across an array of markets.  

Tech Shield ™ with PSA

Adhesives and PSA


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How soon can Technicon Ship my order?
    1. We have a two-week lead time
  2. How we handle emergency orders and how quickly is it expedited?
    1. The ongoing commitment to Quality Excellence by each Technicon employee creates an environment that delivers real value to our customers. One of the most important variables in any business is being able to supply the right products at the right time, which is why our superior fill rate is one of the many ways our company demonstrates our commitment to our customers.
  3. Do we do test to solve your specific problem?
    1. Technicon is committed to providing a solution to your specific problem. We have in-house engineers and an Acoustics Lab to provide a cost-effective sound solution.
  4. How does embossing foam benefit the customer?
    1. Aesthetics
    2. Increases density of foam cells at the surface
    3. Changes sound signature of the foam and improves low frequency absorptions
    4. Increases the value of the product.
  5. How does the edge seal benefit parts?
    1. We edge seal to prevent moisture from entering the foam which increases the life span of the product.
  6. What is the benefit for polyfiber vs foam?
    1. Polyfiber does not wick moisture
    2. UV resistant
    3. Costs less
    4. Not effected by gas, diesel, oils or fumes
    5. Recyclable
  7. How many markets are we in?
    1. Power Generation
    2. Air Compressors
    3. Fluid Pumps
    4. Marine
    5. Medical Devices
    6. Heavy Equipment
    7. Transportation (Truck, Bus and Specialty Vehicles)
    8. Contract Lamination
  8. What is the Technicon Advantage?
    1. Technicon works with superior foam suppliers who manufacture to our material specifications.
    2. In-House Manufacturing
      1. All Laminates and composites are manufactured in our facility. We currently have over 3000 different product configurations to meet our customer’s needs.
    3. Product Engineering
      1. Our experience in the industry and knowledge of our products gives us the confidence we need to help solve your problems.
    4. Responsive Service
      1. Every Technicon employee is committed to providing the Perfect Order Experience. We have an 11 employee retention rate and are ISO: 2015 certified.

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