Micro Perf Myths

Controlling how and when sounds are absorbed is pivotal for equipment and machinery. Acoustic designers use a combination of tactics and materials to control sound absorption and direction. One method manufacturers use is adding layers of composite materials, foams, and films to create panels with different rates of absorption. Micro perf, or micro perforation, is […]

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A Closer Look at Sound Damping vs. Absorption

Acoustic vibration or acoustic energy—more commonly referred to as noise—can be mitigated or eliminated using sound damping or sound absorption techniques. Damping reduces acoustic vibration within any type of structure, wall, or system. In contrast, sound absorption works to dissipate airborne acoustic energy or sound waves. Though different, both achieve the same goal of mitigating […]

Acoustical Treatments for Air Compressors

Air compressors are an efficient means used to fill gas cylinders with high pressure air, power HVAC control systems and pneumatic tools, and a broad range of other mechanical functions. Their biggest drawback is their noise level, which reaches between 70 and 90 dB depending on their rotational frequency, system design, and flow factor.  To […]

Classroom Noise

The (not so) Silent Threat to American Classrooms

The (not so) Silent Threat to American Classrooms and ways to address it. Noise is everywhere. Unless it’s a movie or naptime, you can’t really find a quiet place inside a school. Especially, the place where quiet should matter the most; the classroom.     The impact that noise has on classrooms can be easily overlooked. You don’t think about […]

Duel Belt Laminator

Double Belt Lamination Technicon Acoustics

Technicon Acoustics adds double-belt lamination capabilities At Technicon, we continue to invest in the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure we can make high quality materials as effectively as possible.  Our newest equipment is a new double belt lamination process.  This line has independent heat zones on the top and bottom as well as infrared heating […]

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Technicon Acoustics Foam for Sound Absorption

Absorbers vs Barriers

When you’re not really sure what solution you’re looking for you usually search for “soundproofing”. We receive calls that sound like “how do you make this oxygen air compressor quiet?” Or Is there a way to soundproof my office? People are convinced that soundproofing foam, sound absorbing foam or soundproofing panels are the “cure all”. […]

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Tech Shield ™ with PSA

Tech Shield ™ Knowledge Guide

  Protect Components from Damaging Heat Technicon Acoustics TECH SHIELD ™  TS-040 is designed to shield components from radiant heat sources. Made from a flexible and lightweight inorganic core that is naturally flame retardant and thermally insulating, our new TECH SHIELD ™ offers a noticeable drop in “cold side” or “body side” temperatures allowing for […]

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Design with Acoustics in Mind

How to design and plan for Acoustics

Benefits during the initial design There are new methods and processes that are constantly changing the game for designers. Partially the reasoning for this problem is the ever-growing challenges designers face every day. Development Speed: Constant Revision and parts not being efficient or poor quality Complexity Management: If the project is overly complex, usability and […]

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Blogs Technicon Acoustics

The Cost of Noise

On average the CDC reports that in 2007, “82% of the cases involving occupational hearing loss were reported among workers in the manufacturing sector” Hearing Loss is the most commonly recorded occupational illness in Manufacturing accounting for 1 in 9 recordable illnesses. It’s estimated, that there are 16 million people working in the Manufacturing Sector, […]

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