At Technicon Acoustics, our proprietary Tech Shield Sleeve™ is a braided sleeve exhaust wrap created from a blend of highly texturized fiber and cure in place structural cords that provides an easy to install solution for OEM’s.

What is an Exhaust Wrap Used For?

OEM’s often incorporate exhaust heat wraps or blankets as a means to provide heat protection in underhood applications. Exhaust heat wraps can also be used to maintain exhaust gases temperatures inside the exhaust pipe as they flow to downstream emissions control systems.

Hydraulic Valves in Agriculture EquipmentExhaust treatments are for on- and off-road equipment that must operate reliably in harsh conditions. This may include vehicles such as:

Exhaust treatments protect vital components in the engine bay. They also protect ancillary components, such as wires, connectors, and plastic tubing that might potentially be damaged by their proximity to exhaust components. When installed on exhaust sections that run outside of a vehicle, Tech Shield Sleeve™ also reduces the risk of burns to equipment and vehicle operators.

The Benefits of Our Tech Shield Sleeve™

The texturized fiber used in our Tech Shield Sleeve™ aids in insulating exhaust pipes to maintain necessary heat levels required for diesel particulate filtration, or to lower the surface temperature of the exhaust to ensure nearby components are not damaged. Structural cords added to the braid quickly cure after exposure to high heat from the exhaust pipes.

After only a few minutes of heat exposure, the structural cords are fully cured, ensuring that the exhaust heat wrap will not unravel and fall off if the fibers are damaged or the clamp is lost. While the structural cords braided into the Tech Shield Sleeve™ cure in minutes, they remain flexible before and during installation.

The unique braided structure of Tech Shield Sleeve™ offers a variety of other benefits, including:

  • Limiting open spaces where heat may otherwise escape
  • Facilitates use with a variety of pipe sizes
  • Quick and effective installation
  • Reduced irritation over fiberglass exhaust wraps thanks to our proprietary fiber denier and sizing combination
  • Cold side temperatures up to 70% cooler than the exhaust pipe itself
  • Reduced pipe vibration caused by resonance and airflow
  • Gives exhausts pipes a high-performance look

Insulation Solutions From Technicon Acoustics

Our proprietary blend of highly texturized fiber and cure-in-place structural cords make the Tech Shield Sleeve™ one of the most unique, versatile, and efficient exhaust pipe wraps available. The unique state-of-the-art design allows for quick, easy installation while providing exceptional performance. To learn more about Tech Shield Sleeve™ or our other solutions, please contact us or request a quote today.