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The Best Noise Reduction Materials for Tractor, Excavator, and Bulldozer Cabs

Excessive noise can severely impact the health and well-being of operators of tractors, excavators, bulldozers, and other large and heavy industrial machines. In addition to serving as a source of stress and distraction in day-to-day activities, it can cause hearing loss and other ear-related conditions over time. One method of reducing the noise levels experienced by machine operators is integrating noise reduction material in and around the operator cab. Below we provide an overview of some of the best noise reduction materials to use in tractor, excavator, and bulldozer cabs.

bulldozer cab

Noise Reduction Materials for Headliners

The term “headliner” refers to the inner roofing component of the cab. If it is left uninsulated, noise passes relatively unobstructed into the operator cab. Adding a noise reduction material—such as perforated vinyl foam—on top of the headliner or between the headliner and outer shell results in less noise entering into and reverberating through the cab. We offer this material in various colors to suit different aesthetic tastes.

Acoustic and Thermal Treatments for Engine Compartments

Engine Compartment Bulldozer

The engine is the biggest contributor to the overall noise levels in an operator cab. The sounds produced are continuous and—when listened to regularly and/or for long periods of time—damaging to auditory health. For this reason, OEMs and end-users may integrate noise reduction materials, such as acoustic absorbers, into their engine compartments.

In addition to producing noise, the engine generates heat. If left unchecked, it can lead to uncomfortable conditions inside of the cab. For these situations, OEMs and end-users may add thermal insulation (e.g., TechShield) to their engine compartments. These materials ensure cab interiors remain at comfortable temperatures for operators.

Applications that require acoustic and thermal insulation may benefit from blended materials, such as PF-091. These specialized materials offer both sound absorption and thermal shielding properties.

Acoustic Floor Mat Treatments


During industrial machinery operations, sounds and vibrations easily travel into the operator cab through uninsulated floors, especially around the base of the control console. Adding Mass Loaded Vinyl sound barrier floor mats can help both damp noise and block noise from entering. They are designed to reduce the amount of sound transmitted through materials.

Noise Reduction Solutions From Technicon Acoustics

The right acoustic solution can reduce the noise levels in the operator cabs of your equipment, which translates to better health and performance in your employees. For all your acoustic insulation needs, turn to the experts at Technicon Acoustics.

To learn more about our acoustic insulation solutions and how they benefit the heavy machinery industry, visit our Construction and Agricultural Equipment page or contact us today. For assistance choosing a product that suits your needs, request a quote.

Why Is Noise Reduction Necessary in Construction Equipment?

According to a study performed by the American Industrial Hygiene Association in the early 2000s, over 500,000 construction workers are exposed to noise levels that pose a potential risk to their auditory health and well-being. In addition to affecting the working conditions for these workers, the sound produced at construction worksites affects the living quality of the surrounding communities and environments. One of the most significant contributors to these elevated noise levels is the construction equipment employed, such as excavators and bulldozers.


By implementing noise reduction measures—such as damping foam, acoustic absorbers, and acoustic barriers—in construction equipment, industry professionals may not entirely eliminate noise pollution, but they can reduce sound to more tolerable levels. While these materials are available as aftermarket products, it is much more efficient for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of construction equipment to keep in mind acoustic design—including noise reduction—when developing and constructing their products from the beginning.

At Technicon Acoustics, we have the industry experience and knowledge to deliver high-quality equipment noise reduction and soundproofing solutions to OEMs. By bringing the noise produced by their equipment to more acceptable levels—minimizing the impact on machine operators and the surrounding environment—we improve the marketability of their products, enhance consumer perception, and facilitate compliance with regulatory standards.

Benefits of Noise Reduction in Construction Equipment

The integration of noise reduction and soundproofing components in construction equipment translates to significant benefits in the workplace. For example, lower noise levels in construction worksites can lead to:

  • Greater concentration and better communication. Reducing the amount of sound generated by construction equipment enables workers to concentrate and focus on the task at hand without being distracted by equipment noises. Additionally, it facilitates better communication between individual workers during collaborative tasks and/or potentially hazardous situations.
  • Lower rates of error and injury. The greater concentration and better communication achieved in quieter worksites also result in a lower risk of worker error and injury.
  • Reduced worker stress. Sound significantly affects a construction worker’s physical and mental health. Elevated noise levels can lead to hearing loss and other ear-related issues as well as cause emotional stress that results in diminished worker productivity. Lower noise levels in the worksite alleviates these concerns.

Construction equipment that facilitates these benefits are more appealing to consumers, so it is in the best interest of OEMs to integrate such acoustical solutions in their equipment.

Using Technicon Products to Reduce Noise

At Technicon Acoustics, we provide a variety of products to help customers manage the noise produced by their equipment in economical ways, including:

  • Vibration damping, for reducing noise from vibrating metal panels. Panels can be treated with our materials to disrupt the resonant frequency, reduce secondary sound generation, and limit structural vibration. Damping material is extremely light and effective, allowing for the reduction of noise without adding too much weight to the equipment’s components.
  • Acoustic absorbers (Product: Polyether Foam AF-021), commonly used for unwanted noise in engine compartments, this reduces airborne noise by absorbing the sound waves.
  • Acoustic barriers, blocking noise transmission. While absorbers reduce the amount of sound reflecting off a hard surface and spreading through the air, barriers stop sound waves from getting through the material to the other side of an equipment enclosure. Barrier composites are crucial for machine operators as they are placed around the base of control levers to block sound leaks and prevent them from reaching the cab.

Partnering With Technicon Acoustics for Noise Reduction

At Technicon Acoustics, we produce solutions for sound reduction and thermal transmission problems. We work with original equipment manufacturers across North America to design, develop, and deliver products that protect consumers from excessive noise and heat transmission.

For additional information about noise reduction, download our Heavy Equipment Acoustical Treatment eBook. If you need help reducing noise in your new and existing equipment lines, request a quote today.