Technicon Acoustics works with a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) based in North America. Our product solutions protect against unwanted sound, vibration, and thermal energy through the use of sound dampening or sound absorption technology.

We specialize in creating custom solutions for blocking, isolating, deflecting, and absorbing sound and heat energy. Our ultimate goal is providing the perfect ordering experience for every single customer we serve.

Technicon Acoustics and the Perfect Order

Creating an ideal ordering experience means ensuring you receive the right products, created to your exact specifications, on time. We use these three factors to guide our customer interactions:


1. Quality Performance

Every employee on our team believes in the importance of quality performance during every aspect of the job. We maintain strict quality control standards, focus on delivering real value, and make sure every step in our process is geared toward making every order better than the last.

2. Shipping

We know how important it is to get the parts you need precisely when you need them. Our fill rate and strict delivery practices ensure our customers always receive their orders on time, at the right location, and according to your facility’s procedures.

3. Order Accuracy

Our warehouse management system is the foundation of our excellent order process. We track every component and order to make sure it’s handled quickly, carefully, and diligently. Our packing process is designed to mitigate the risk of errors, so you receive your products exactly as ordered.

Delivering on these three principles without fail is important to our team. Our customers rely on our superior service every day, so we focus on excellence every day. At Technicon Acoustics, our commitment to customer service is incomparable and makes us a reliable partner for all of your sound control needs.

What Customers Get with Technicon Acoustics

When you choose Technicon Acoustics, you get dedicated customer support, customizable solutions, and easy access to value-added services.

Dedicated Customer Support

We’re available to answer your questions or concerns at any time. Our customer support team can fully answer your inquiries with knowledgeable explanations and help you solve anything from logistical concerns to engineering issues. Your feedback is important to us, and we’re always refining our support strategies to give customers the support they need, when they need it.

We prioritize responsiveness in every customer support interaction. If you need a fast order delivered to your facility as soon as possible, we can make it happen. Our team can expedite critical orders with minimal lead time. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll deliver answers as soon as possible. Our support team is available from initial quoting through final delivery and beyond.

Customizable Solutions

No two OEMs are alike, so the products you rely on should match your facility’s specific needs and processes. At Technicon Acoustics, we create an extensive range of products for different applications, environments, and markets.

If none of our standard solutions seem to be the right fit, talk to our experienced staff about custom orders that meet your facility’s needs for absorbing or isolating sound and thermal energy. Our team uses a time-tested methodology to create custom products that feature excellent performance in their intended applications. Ultimately, our custom projects offer cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to noise and vibration challenges while reducing your company’s environmental impact and costs.

Value-Added Services

Our value-added services are integral to each customer order experience. They include the following:

  • Custom designs with perforated cutting for easier on-site installation, individual part labels, and simple inventory management
  • Die cutting and CNC cutting applications for custom kitting
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery services that reduce waste and on-site storage constraints
  • Kanban inventory scheduling for improved performance and better production flow

Full-Service Manufacturing with Technicon Acoustics

At Technicon Acoustics, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction every day. We’re a full-service manufacturing company and our 85,000-square-foot facility has the tools to handle custom orders, large and small production runs, and personalized value-added services.

Contact our team or request a quote today to learn more about our products or to talk with an engineer about a custom project.