Noise is an unavoidable byproduct of most processes and equipment involved in power generation. While complete elimination of industrial noise is impossible, mitigation strategies can be implemented to minimize its negative impact on equipment and ensure compliance with industry standards. At Technicon Acoustics, we supply acoustic absorbers, acoustic barriers, and vibration damping solutions aimed at managing noise levels in industrial applications such as power generation.

What are Noise Control Solutions?

Absorber Foam by Technicon AcousticsNoise control solutions focus on reducing the intensity or volume of industrial noise by absorbing, blocking, or damping it. By maintaining the noise at tolerable levels, these solutions allow facilities to maintain compliance with regulatory standards while protecting sensitive components, reducing warranty claims, and decreasing the overall cost of equipment. Technicon Acoustics provides clients with a variety of affordable and efficient noise control options, including:

  • Acoustic absorbers. Created from open-cell foam or fiber-based materials, acoustic absorbers reduce the noise levels within a space by absorbing and trapping the sound waves. In power generation equipment, these materials are often applied to the rigid, sound-reflective surfaces within engine or motor enclosures.
  • Acoustic barrier. Acoustic barriers reduce noise by blocking the transmission of sound waves from one area to another. When used in power generation equipment, they significantly reduce the amount of sound that can pass through the generator’s enclosure.
  • Vibration damping. By treating equipment surfaces with vibration damping materials, secondary sound generation and structural vibrations can be substantially reduced without adding excess weight.

Benefits of Controlling Noise in Power Generation Equipment

Integrating effective sound control strategies into power generation equipment provides OEMs with several important benefits, including:

  • Compliance. Given the substantial amount of noise emitted by power generators, noise reduction technologies are often required for compliance with federal, state, and local noise ordinances and health regulations.
  • Equipment service life. In addition to their sound mitigating effects, vibration-damping solutions can also reduce component wear and increase the service life of equipment.
  • Customer perception of quality. Properly implemented noise control strategies generally translate to improved customer perception of product quality.
  • Lightweight. Sound-absorbing and vibration-damping materials are designed to minimize noise levels without adding significant weight to the equipment.

Noise Control Solutions for Power Generator OEMs

Acoustic-BarrierPower generator OEMs must be capable of accommodating customer demands for smaller and more efficient equipment designs that comply with increasingly strict community noise ordinances. Understanding how and where to implement noise control strategies is key for meeting these criteria. While noise levels produced by power generators can vary significantly, most originate from the engine, engine exhaust, cooling fans, and alternators.

With these factors in mind, today’s noise control solutions for power generators are designed to reduce the environmental impact of the equipment, control noise levels without adding excess bulk or weight, and ensure compliance with strict regulatory standards. Effective noise control is generally achieved through a combination of technologies, which may include:

  • Weighted barriers. Power generator OEMs can block airborne noise transmission by lining metal enclosures with weighted barriers. For optimal results, the lining should be applied to at least 90% of the enclosure.
  • Sound absorbers. Strategically placed sound absorbers are key for minimizing sound escape from air intake, exhaust, and heat-release openings in metal enclosures.
  • Multi-layer composites. Multi-layer composites consisting of foam and barrier materials provide a cost-effective solution for controlling sound within limited spaces.
  • Acoustic baffling. Acoustic baffling can be used to reduce the intensity of airborne sound in power generation equipment.
  • Vibration damping. Lightweight damping materials can be installed around the equipment to reduce structure-borne sound and vibrations.

Thermal Control Solutions for Power Generator OEMs

Tech ShieldIn addition to sound control, OEMs also need to consider thermal control when manufacturing effective power generators. Thermally efficient insulation is essential for protecting equipment from overheating and affecting the surrounding environment. When choosing a thermal control solution, it is important to make sure the insulation material meets the intended application’s temperature and space requirements while also ensuring industry compliance.

Technicon Acoustics supplies power generator OEMs with the following versatile, high-quality thermal insulation solutions:

  • Tech Shield™. Featuring a flexible, lightweight, and flame-retardant core, our innovative Tech Shield™ provides reliable thermal protection in a range of applications. The shield’s EZ Peel liner ensures easy installation on a range of substrates.
  • Tech Shield Sleeve™. Our braided Tech Shield Sleeve™ is made from a proprietary texturized fiber material that helps maintain heat for diesel particulate filtration while protecting nearby components from heat damage. With cure-in-place structural chords, the material provides a secure fit with no unraveling or displacement.

Why Choose Technicon Acoustics for Your Noise Control Requirements

As a leading expert in noise control technologies, Technicon Acoustics has the experience to provide thoughtfully engineered noise control solutions for a range of power generation applications. Qualifications and capabilities that distinguish us from our competitors include:

  • Commitment to customer service. With our customer-oriented approach, we are dedicated to providing personalized noise control solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.  
  • Performance quality. We are constantly updating and improving our quality control process to maintain the highest possible standards of quality and performance in every product.
  • Delivery reliability. Meeting your expectations through reliable, on-time delivery is one of our top priorities.
  • Order accuracy. Combined with careful handling and packaging of each product, our advanced warehouse management system allows us to maintain a 98.28% shipping accuracy.
  • Extensive experience. With experience in both acoustic and thermal control solutions, we help power generator OEMs maximize the efficiency and reliability of their equipment.

Power Generator Noise Control Solutions at Technicon Acoustics

Well-designed noise control solutions allow power generator OEMs to create quieter, less disruptive equipment. Leveraging over 40 years of experience, Technicon Acoustics works with OEMs to provide personalized noise control technologies that reduce overall equipment costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect sensitive components from noise-related damage. From acoustic absorbers and barriers to vibration-damping treatments, we provide a range of easy-to-install products for mitigating both structural and airborne noises.

To learn more about our noise control solutions and their applications in the power generation industry, please contact us today or request a quote.