Tech Shield Exhaust Sleeve

Standard exhaust wraps can be difficult to install, and exhaust jackets require a greater investment for a custom fit. Technicon Acoustics saw a need in the market and helped a fire truck manufacturer by developing an exhaust sleeve that combined the best features of a wrap and a full custom jacket for greater versatility, efficiency, and affordability.


The Challenge for Engine OEMs

Exhaust wrap products are multipurpose insulation options for exhaust systems and heavy industrial equipment. However, traditional exhaust wraps and jackets can lack versatility, and applying them can be quite a labor-intensive process. With standard exhaust wraps, users must wrap the product around a pipe in several passes, and there’s always the concern that it might unravel. Engine exhaust pipes come in various sizes, with different bends, lengths, and diameters. For a product that fits just right, this typically requires custom-made exhaust jackets, which also come with a higher price tag.

To address these challenges, Technicon’s R&D team created our new Tech Shield Sleeve™ with the affordability of a wrap but the optimal fit of a customized jacket.

Exhaust Pipes


Technicon’s Exhaust Sleeve Solution

We built our exhaust sleeve to be supremely effective and efficient, maintaining the same degree of heat reduction as a traditional exhaust wrap at approximately 50% of the cost of a jacket. It’s two to three times as thick as standard tape wraps, providing better insulation for exhaust pipes, and it can withstand temperatures of up to 2,000° F.

The Tech Shield Sleeve™ has a universal cylinder configuration that the manufacturer could slide over an exhaust pipe. The team designed it so that it’s flexible enough to slide on and fit over bends during installation but, as the resin-impregnated cords braided into the sleeve heat up for the first time, the cords harden, allowing the sleeve to retain the shape of the exhaust pipe. This provides a better fit for virtually any exhaust pipe and prevents unraveling as the resin won’t soften again over time. The sleeve retains its shape even when exposed to vibrations or the elements.

To ensure product quality and performance for our fire truck manufacturing client, an engine OEM performed testing on the Technicon exhaust sleeve, certifying it for use. OEM standards are very particular regarding materials and exhaust treatments used in order to maintain an OEM factory warranty.

The client found Technicon’s exhaust sleeve easy to use and it saved them from having to find a more costly custom solution. The product also met engine OEM requirements and specifications. This versatile exhaust sleeve has applications in numerous other engine-driven industries as well, including power generation, mass transit, cranes, and heavy equipment utilizing a gas or diesel engine.


Benefits of Partnering with
Technicon Acoustics

Partnering with Technicon Acoustics offers numerous benefits for manufacturers and other OEMs that need ample noise reduction capabilities. When you work with us, you gain our:

99.9% Quality Performance Rating

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Why Technicon Acoustics?

At Technicon, we work with our customers and core markets to address needs to improve their efficiency. With the development of our Tech Shield Sleeve™ , our team took a full-service approach to the challenge the client’s application presented. In all of our products, we focus on high performance and cost-effectiveness, always looking for innovative ways to support customers’ operations.

Located in Concord, North Carolina, Technicon Acoustics leads the way in reduction and thermal control solutions. Contact us or request a quote today to see how we can overcome your noise reduction challenges.