Heat Shield / Tech Shield With Technicon Solution

Technicon Acoustics was called on to assist a large OEM that produces many components, including refrigerators, toilets, water heaters, and AC units used in the RV and Marine industries. This manufacturer is well-known in the mobile-living world for creating industry-leading travel and adventure products for outdoor, home, and professional applications.


A Heat Shield / Tech Shield Challenge

The OEM was searching for a specific part for a new refrigerator model. Effective use of space is crucial in RVs due to the limited amount of workable square footage. A competitor of the OEM was able to develop a shallower fridge model to save space. To stay competitive, the manufacturer had to find a way to reduce insulation in the refrigerator to save space while keeping the inside of the refrigerator cold and shielding the unit from the heat source at the back of the refrigerator.

It was determined that 3” of expandable foam insulation needed to be removed to decrease the area the refrigerator was to occupy. Reducing cost was also a concern for the new design.

heat shield


The Technicon Acoustics Heat Shield / Tech Shield Solution

Technicon Acoustics provided several potential options before developing our Tech Shield solution for this application, which is specifically designed to protect components from heat damage. Flammability is a major concern in the RV industry, and as such, every component installed in an RV must maintain high levels of flame retardance.

Tech Shield is made out of a lightweight and flexible inorganic core that is naturally thermally insulating, flame retardant, and acoustically absorptive resulting in highly efficient performance. The TechShield core material product is non-combustible, making it an ideal solution for RV applications in which flamability requirements are strict. Through several product iterations, we were able to provide the client with a solution within six months from start to finish.

Why Technicon Acoustics?

The new product outperformed anything the customer had previously implemented, and they were pleased with every aspect of our work. Technicon Acoustics was chosen as the supplier of this solution due to our full-service approach. We took on the entire project from design to installation while working in partnership with the client to ensure complete satisfaction. We take into consideration any challenges or limitations specific to the application when designing or customizing a product for our clients. We knew that flammability was a major concern for this client, and we took every effort to provide a non-combustible solution for them.

Technicon Acoustics offers improved performance at affordable costs, which was a significant factor for the large OEM. The product has now launched Technicon Acoustics into the market for heat shields and is available for applications outside of the RV industry, including fire truck hood insulation. We can adapt the product to meet customer specifications and can supply it in rolls, sheets, or fabricated parts to fit your needs.


Benefits of Partnering with
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Partnering with Technicon Acoustics offers numerous benefits for manufacturers and other OEMs that need ample noise reduction capabilities. When you work with us, you gain our:

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