Vacuum Manufacturer Achieves Noise Reduction With Technicon Solution

As a leading producer of acoustic and thermal solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in North America, Technicon Acoustics often gets approached by customers seeking assistance with their biggest challenges for absorbing, blocking, isolating, and reducing noise. Our team of engineering and manufacturing professionals immediately sets to work, utilizing the latest systems, processes and technologies to develop an innovative solution.


A Noise Reduction Challenge

A large vacuum OEM reached out to us about modifications to its commercial backpack unit to make it compliant with OSHA noise level limitations. Their product exceeded allowable noise exposure safety guidelines over the course of an eight-hour workday, so the company needed to lower its decibel level.

With the product launch fast approaching, they were on a tight deadline. The small size of the unit only complicated the matter, leaving little room for additional noise mitigation solutions. Required volume would be 25,000 units per year, with a delivery location in Tennessee.

Knowing that the wrong choice could cause significant delays and revenue losses, the vacuum OEM turned to Technicon Acoustics for our demonstrated expertise in noise reduction, experience in high-volume manufacturing, short lead times, and commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Technicon’s skilled team, advanced technology, and 85,000-square-foot production facility left us well-equipped to help the manufacturer meet their goals.


The Technicon Acoustics Noise Reduction Solution

First, the team at Technicon Acoustics needed to identify the source of the noise. Our design and mechanical engineers initially spent time with the product in our full-scale lab to narrow down potential problem areas. Drawing on a wide range of experience from diverse fields, knowledge of certification requirements, and access to new materials, they came up with several design options to take to the next step.

As ideas emerged, our die-cutting and rapid prototyping capabilities came into play. The design support team quickly produced multiple prototypes for further testing and lab analysis. Within a span of just two weeks, we had reached a final solution and moved into full production.
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This customer is now one of the first vacuum manufacturers to use a specialized industrial acoustic composite in their units. They are also so far below the designated OSHA limits for noise exposure that workers can have a longer noise exposure time, making them far more productive. The customer was pleased with every aspect of our work here at Technicon Acoustics and noted that the unit with our solution offered better noise-related performance than other products in their portfolio. This large vacuum OEM and Technicon Acoustics have since worked together on additional project partnerships and have entered an ongoing discussion with the customer’s advanced development team about future goals and opportunities.


Benefits of Partnering with
Technicon Acoustics

Partnering with Technicon Acoustics offers numerous benefits for manufacturers and other OEMs that need ample noise reduction capabilities. When you work with us, you gain our:

99.9% Quality Performance Rating

40+ Years

Ongoing Innovation
and R&D

Quick Order Turnaround & Customer Response

Our fundamental commitment to customer service is best evidenced by our core values:

  • Always face challenges head on.
  • Bring your A-game and take pride in what you do.
  • A little love and a lot of fun go a long way to making this world a better place.
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Located in Concord, North Carolina, Technicon Acoustics leads the way in reduction and thermal control solutions. Contact us or request a quote today to see how we can overcome your noise reduction challenges.