Heavy Equipment

The roar of the engine muted to a purr…

Operators of heavy equipment spend their entire workday in and around equipment, but hearing loss does not have to be an occupational hazard. At Technicon Acoustics, we have 30+ years of experience significantly lowering the noise levels of heavy equipment to acceptable levels that meet all regulations and specifications. Our noise control solutions can help increase operator effectiveness, improve output, and minimized the impact on the surrounding environment.


  • Operator’s cab

Whether in the headliner or the sidewall, acoustical insulation can be custom made to both block and absorb noise while seamlessly integrated into the cab’s design.

  • Engine Compartment /Firewall Treatments

Most unwanted heavy equipment noise is generated by components in the engine compartment. This may be turbo whine, engine noise and/or hydraulic pumps. Absorber/barrier composites contain engine noise, an absorber layer reduces reverberant noise, and a barrier layer reduces sound transmission from the engine compartment.

  • Panels

Structure borne noise is caused by vibrations which allow structures such as wheel wells, firewalls, or sheet metal to resonate. Applying a damping material will change the resonance of the structures eliminating the vibrations.

  • Control Levers

Absorber /Barrier composites placed around the base of the control levers to block sound leaks and prevent noise from entering the operator cab.