We are the leading Manufacturer of Laminate and Composite Materials

Since 1980, our core manufacturing competency lies in the ability to adhere dissimilar materials together to provide a unique value added solution for all of our customers’ needs. Because our manufacturing capabilities include flame lamination, thermal lamination, PVC compound casting, and complete fabrication services, our manufacturing flexibility allows us to specialize and customize both laminate and composite compounds to meet your specific requirements.

Production Capabilities

Technicon Acoustics has numerous composite capabilities, making it possible to create unique products using a wide array of noise control and absorptive materials such as fabric, vinyl, film, and foil components. Our product solutions offer tailored combinations of absorbers, barriers, and damping technology suitable for virtually any sound reduction challenge. Our experienced production floor has to be capable of creating unique products tailored to the needs of each customer. We do this by using several different production methods. Read more about our production capabilities and how our sound experts can help you. 


Noise Control Case Studies

Technicon Acoustics expertise and extensive production capabilities allow us to provide exceptional, custom and value added solutions to our customers. Read more about our success in the following case studies:

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