A dangerous, yet easily overlooked problem in the power generation industry is the noise produced by standby and portable generators and turbines. This type of equipment can produce excessive amounts of noise and heat, eventually causing damage to the surrounding area, reducing the lifespan of the equipment, and creating an unsafe working environment. Acoustic enclosures offer an ideal solution to counteract these problems, along with improving customer acceptance and marketability.

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Equipment That Requires Sound Absorption

The severity of noise pollution created by generators can vary depending on a number of factors. Motor size, the type of exhaust system, and the style of radiator fan installed can all impact the level of sound put out by a generator. Standby generators can produce noise up to 80  decibels or above, causing damage to equipment over time and posing potential health and safety risks for operators.

While the intensity of sound can vary depending on the generator, the causes of the sound are generally the same on most power generation equipment. These sources include:

  • Engine noise
  • Engine exhaust
  • Turbulent airflow caused by cooling fans
  • Alternator noise

Sound may be dampened considerably on power generation equipment by creating a weighted barrier to line the sheet metal enclosure of the generator. A decoupled weighted barrier may also be used for generator noise reduction, which involves the addition of decoupling foam to the barrier before installation.

To ensure that power generation equipment continues working safely and effectively, it is important to provide several openings in a generator sound enclosure for heat and exhaust to be released. These openings also enable air flow to the machine. If heat isn’t properly released, it will eventually damage equipment.

While these openings are vital for the functionality of your equipment, they reduce the efficacy of the barriers by allowing some of the sound waves to escape. To absorb sound that can’t be controlled with sound dampening liners, operators can incorporate acoustic absorbers as a lining for louvers or to create a tortuous path for airflow to absorb the noise before it escapes.

Solutions for Portable and Standby Generators

Acoustic control systems for portable or standby generators come in a variety of different types of material. They are built out of composite layers of foam, vinyl, and fiber and work by blocking, deflecting, or dampening the sound waves being created by the generator. This generator soundproofing material protects the workspace and ensures the longevity of equipment. These treatments are straightforward and easy to install. Typically, they are flexible and come with an adhesive that simply requires sticking them in the right place.

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