Fluid Handling, Air Handling and Power Generation Guide


The following information addresses common sources of fluid handling, air handling and power generation equipment noise problems and some common solutions. Remember, these are generic problems and solutions and we recognize that each manufacturer may have unique issues and concerns. We welcome these challenges and are happy to help you find a solution that best fits your needs.

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How to properly apply Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. How-To Guide


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive PSA is truly one of the best features that we provide at Technicon Acoustics. It's a low-cost solution for easy installation and is a durable, reliable way to treat vibration and sound issues. However, PSA is often not applied correctly which can decrease the effectiveness of the product. Therefore. we want to offer you these 5 easy steps for applying PSA so we can ensure this product performs well for you.

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Introduction to Acoustics


Learn about Absorption, Sound Transmission Loss, and Vibration Damping in our Introduction to Acoustics. See how we can help you design with Acoustics in mind.

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Acoustic Design for Dementia Care Facilities


People with Dementia are particularly affected by Acoustic Environments. Overexposure to non regulated noise can cause confusion, illusions, frustration, and agitation. In this blog, we're going to explore the world of noise and how it affects those with dementia. We're also going to show you how not designing for Acoustics can contribute to increased levels of agitation and aggression among residents who have dementia.

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The Cost of Noise


This blog is about how not preventing hearing loss can affect you, and how to solve it.

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Product Focus: Absorbers vs Barriers


When you're not really sure what solution you're looking for you usually search for "soundproofing".We receive calls that sound like "how do you make this oxygen air compressor quiet?" Or Is there a way to soundproof my office?

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives – 7 Helpful Steps for Proper Application


Our customers come to us looking for quality materials to help solve noise issues. These products need to be properly secured to enclosure walls, hatch covers, firewalls, etc. in order to perform effectively.Read more to find 7 steps we recommend when applying PSA...

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