Protect Components from Damaging Heat

Technicon Acoustics TECH SHIELD ™  TS-040 is designed to shield components from radiant heat sources. Made from a flexible and lightweight inorganic core that is naturally flame retardant and thermally insulating, our new TECH SHIELD ™ offers a noticeable drop in “cold side” or “body side” temperatures allowing for improved comfort inside cabins and operator environments. The high performance PSA offers quick and easy installation to a wide variety of surfaces.

High Heat Protection





Tech Shield is ideal for applications in Heavy Equipment, Specialty Vehicles, Power Generation, Appliances, Heavy Truck, and Automotive Industries.

  • Firewall & Underbody
  • Exhust & Turbo Trouble Areas
  • Hose & Tubing Protection
  • HVAC Thermal Protection
  • Fuel Tank Shielding